Take A Vow With WOW!

Women of the World (WOW) Transition Center is a supportive environment, located in Western New York, for women and children fleeing from domestic violence abuse situations.

We are a 501(c)3 organization as of 2014.

Our facilities will be clean, comfortable and homelike where you can safely, relax, eat and sleep peacefully. This 9-month to 24-month live-in facility will provide endless help to domestic violence victims in Western New York and the surrounding areas. Our trained and certified staff will be assisting day by day to help survivors feel safe as they rebuild their lives.

Our education curriculum is designed to increase awareness, assurance, and to provide a stepping stone, move the victim from a crisis standpoint to confidence. Western New York domestic violence victims - and those in the surrounding areas - will not only have a protective shelter and safe haven, but will also receive:

• Complete educational training
• State testing
• Parenting classes
• Coping skills workshops
• Assigned career development case managers

Women of the World (WOW) Transition Center is committed to setting long-term goals, permanent job placements, legal advocacy, financial aid services and most of all, tools to guide survivors toward a new life. As a recipient entering our care, there would be administrative in-take evaluations and an educational assessment. This safe, healthy supportive environment will focus on educating women of crisis, afflicting self-esteem and addressing any health issues. Our services will decrease domestic violence in Western New York, create more jobs for the community and economically empower domestic violence survivors

WOW facilities will consist of a complete nurses’ station for health evaluation, dietary cafeteria unit, supervised daycare, on-site computer lab, fitness center, counseling unit, enhancement spa and chapel for spiritual inspiration, as well as TV recreational areas. Our 24-hour security monitoring units throughout the facilities will ensure safety for our residents and employees. The programs and services that will be provided by Women of the World (WOW) Transition Center will be the most crucial part of assisting domestic violence victims.